About Us



Hello! Welcome to Karma Spices!

Our names are Vinita and Rajesh, and we have been together for 23 years. Naturally, both of us have always shared a love for quality and healthy cuisine - endlessly experimenting with different spices, grains, and herbs from all around the globe. 


In 2018, our son moved to college in California. As empty-nesters, we found ourselves with some extra time on our hands. We realized that nutritious home-style meals were not available to college students across the country. This is when the idea for Karma Spices was born. 


Soon, we began preparing one pot meals filled with the essential raw ingredients - grains, beans, vegetables, and spices - to make a healthy, delicious, and filling meal. 


After receiving positive feedback from friends and family, we are ready to make Karma Spices available to everyone! We have learned so much through this culinary journey and are so excited to see how far we can go!


We look forward to having you joining the Karma Spices family!